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Any Shape - (use maximum size)

PVC Coasters 3D. Product Id: PVC15. PVC Coasters 3D. Colours. Up to 5 colours are included in the price. Dimensions. 71 mm (w) x 90 mm (h). Print Area. 3D Design: 71 mm (w) x 90 mm (h). 3D Design: 91 mm (w) x 90 mm (h). 3D Design: 111 mm (w) x 120 mm (h)

Any Shape - (use maximum size)

2D Luggage Tags. Product Id: PVC30. 2D Luggage Tags. Colours. Up to 5 colours are included in the price.

Any Shape - (use maximum size)

3D Luggage Tags. Product Id: PVC35. 3D Luggage Tags. Colours. Up to 5 colours. Please specify the PMS colours.

Any Shape - (use maximum size)

2D PVC Magnet. Product Id: PVC25. 2D PVC Magnet. Other sizes are available, please contact our office for pricing. Colours. Up to 5 colours are included in the price. Dimensions. 11 mm (w) x 30 mm (h)

Any Shape - (use maximum size)

3D PVC Magnets. Product Id: PVC50. 3D PVC Magnet. Colours. Up to 5 colours are included in the price.

Sling Grip

Features: How many times have you tried tried to take a group selfie but find you are all thumbs? Once you slip your finger through the universal elastic handle on the back of your phone, you have got a secure, one handed grip and can snap the photo with ease. Sling Grip offers added security from dropping your phone, navigate and text with one hand while on the go. Simply sticks to the back of your device. . Certification: CE, RoHS. Product Colour: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White. Product Size: 65 x 22 x 4 mm. Print Area: 35 x 5 mm. Print Process: Pad Print. Delivery: 2-4 weeks (indent) from art approval. Standard Packaging: White Box. Packing Details: 500 pcs per carton, 9 Kgs, 36x25x25 cms.

Folding Brush With Mirror

Features: Great for a quick fix, this folding brush comes with a mirror. This is your secret weapon to looking at your best at all times.

Worldwide Travel Adapter Case

Features: Universal travel adapter containing adapters for US, UK, EU, and AU outlets. Snap into 1 piece to fit into a travel case for easy storage.

Foldable Toiletry Bag

Features: Perfect for weekend getaways or just having your toiletries in one bag during trips to the toilet in the office, this Foldable Toiletry Bag comes with several pockets to organize your care essentials and it even has a hook that makes it easy to attached to anything for easy access while tidying up.

Toiletry Bag

Features: There’s something attractive and life fulfilling when everything’s organized. That is the reason this Toiletry Bag is a great promotional product for anyone. It comes with multiple zippered compartments so you can store your mouth care essentials from your face creams. It also comes with a handle that makes it easier to carry for trips to the toilet.

Budget bum bag

Features: There are times when promotional products does not need to be flashy. This Budget Bum Bag does that plus more. Made from polyester fabric, it has a main zippered compartment to store anything that needs to be always accessible. It also features an adjustable waist strap and comes in six colours including purple, lime green, and orange.

Deluxe Toiletry Bag

Features: Having it all in one bag means a lot for someone who’s rushing to the toilet. This Deluxe Toiletry Bag allows you to have all those essentials so you won’t keep on coming back for things you missed. It also makes a great promotional product due to its wide variety of colours and a space that is great for your business logo or brand.

The Basic bum bag

Features: Basic does not necessarily mean it’s not a great promotional product. This Basic Bum Bag is made from nylon, comes with a zippered main compartment, and an adjustable waist strap. It can be customised to fit your business needs by screen printing.

Travel bum bag

Features: A bag that’s makes every outdoor lovers’ heart gush. This Travel Bum Bag is trying to provide the most at a modest size. Pockets are this bag’s secret weapon and it sure has many of them. There are two front pockets, 1 side mesh for anything that needs to be easily reached, and two inside pockets to keep valuables or just anything while on a hike or even backpacking in an unknown city. The bag also has an adjustable waist strap to fit all shapes and sizes (as well as for times when you indulged yourself from tasting local cuisines).

Premium bum bag

Features: It can be for runners, mothers and just anyone who needs a bag they can easily access anytime. This Premium Bum Bag features a zippered main compartment and an additional front and back pocket to fit all the things needed into one pack. It also comes with an adjustable waist strap to fit all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Water Bottle bum bag

Features: A promotional product best given to runners. Aside from having an insulated water bottle pouch, this bag also comes with pockets on the side to fit any essentials you need while completing your daily cardio. An adjustable waist strap is also found in the bag to easily fit as you progress with your fitness goal.

Running Belt

Features: Running has been the craze among fitness buffs in the past couple of years. To ride the trend, it is best for you to gift them this running belt as a promotional product. It features a slim waist pouch with large front zippered pocket, an inside key pocket, as well as built-in slot or earbuds and adjustable elastic waist strap.

Neoprene Running Belt

Features: Running is better with music. This Neoprene Running Belt is your perfect companion if you want some soundtrack to your daily cardio fix. The bag is ideal for storing any kind of smartphone or digital music player, as well as some essentials like credit cardss. It has a large front zippered pocket, two small side pockets, and a built-in slot for earbuds. It also comes with an adjustable elastic waits strap.

Running Belt With Safety Strip And Lights

Features: Since running is a big craze among health conscious individuals, this Running Belt with Safety Strip and Lights is the best promotional product for them. It has a waist pouch for easy access to the most essential when running. It also has a safety strip and a built-in slot for earbuds. To keep every runners safe, the bag as six LED lights acting as a warning device for motorists and fellow runners.

All-In-One bum bag

Features: Spacious waist pouch with 3 zippered pockets, 1 front pocket and a side cell phone pocket. It comes with a padded mesh lined back and an adjustable waist strap.


Features: A convenient travel size hair brush made of high impact plastic with shatter-resistant,high quality mirror

Compact Mirror With Dual Magnification

Features: Useful compact square mirror that can fit into any bag with 1x and 2x magnifications. Available in 6 colors.

Compact Mirror With 2X Magnification

Features: Useful compact round mirror that can fit into any bag with 1x and 2x magnifications. Available in 6 colors.

Luggage Tag

Features: Never miss out a luggage again when traveling. This Luggage Tag comes in a soft touch design and with an adjustable strap. It comes in colours of red, black and royal blue.

Sewing/Manicure Kit With Case

Features: Disaster strikes at the most unexpected time. This Sewing and Manicure Kit comes in a compact leather case containing 8 spools of thread, needle threader, 5 needles, 2 safety pins, cloth measuring tape, nail file, cuticle pusher, tweezers, Scissors and a plastic thimble.

Manicure Set

Features: Reflection Manicure set containing tweezers, cuticle trimmer, scissors, nail clipper, cuticle pusher and a large mirror inside the kit.

5-Piece Leather Look Manicure Set

Features: This manicure set got all the essentials covered. It contains scissors, a nail clipper, a nail file, tweezers and cuticle pusher. It comes in four colours including pink, royal blue, black and red.

6-Piece Manicure Set In Aluminum Case

Features: The so-called “me time” should be done at least once a week. This 6-piece manicure set helps you attend to all your grooming needs as it comes with scissors, nail clipper, nail file, tweezers, nail tip groomer and cuticle pusher.

Sheets of Hand Soap In Compact Travel Ca

Features: Many sticks to the mantra of packinglight when travelling. This promotional product is one testament to that. It contains 30 sheets of hand soap in a compact travel case.

Travel Grooming Kit

Features: This one is a promotional product for a businessman who’s always on the go. This travel grooming kit comes with a comb, a toothbrush, disposable razor and a shaving cream.