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Flash Flashlight Keytag

Torch shaped single white LED Flashlight Keytag with metal keyring. Push button operation. This item contains button cell batteries Collection: Home & Auto Category: Torches Colours Available: White, BlackWhite Materials: ABS Body Item Size: 76 x 31 x 12mm (LxWxD) (excludes keychain fitting)

Torch Opener(With Gift Box)

3 LED light aluminium keyring light with bottle opener, use 3X LR44 batteriers.individual polybag packing. Colours: BLACK | ROYAL | RED | GUNMETAL. Dia 1.7 X 8 cm. Decoration Method_Area: LASER ENGRAVING: 25X8MM.

Torch(With Gift Box)

3LED aluminum torch, use 3X LR44 batteriersindividual polybag packing. Colours: BLACK | ROYAL | RED. Dia 2.1 X 6 cm. Decoration Method_Area: LASER ENGRAVING: 25x12MM.

Tch001 360 Degree Torch

Torch Made In China. A Handy Man Torch Comes With Led Lights, It Requirs 3 Aaa Batteries | Slide On/Off | Front Light Press Button On/Off | Attach To Metal Objects With Magnetic. Item Size: 105 Mm X 40 Mm X 30 Mm. Colours: Black | White | Blue | Red. Decoration Options Available: Pad Print.


PatentedCOB Clip Light with magnet Size: 175x21 mmMaterial: AluminumBulb: COB+1 WattBattery: 3xAAACOB Clip Light with magnet Size: 175x21 mmMaterial: AluminumLight mode: 1 Watt ON - COB ON -OFFBattery: 3xAAA Alkaline battery includedLight output: 1 watt-60lm, COB-140lmPacking: Deluxe black gift boxEasy clip on Fridge, car, work shop, etc, is a fantastic premium gift.Tips:COB LIGHT-----COB (Chips on Board) , is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine.Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel. The light has a more uniform appearance Better life expectancy Can achieve higher light levels over a larger area They are more stable and reliable than standard LED packages

Key light & bike light

PatentedKeylight & Bikelight Size: 67.5x24.5x15 mmMaterial: AluminumBulb: 3 LEDBattery: 4xAG3Keylight & BikelightSize: 67.5x24.5x15 mmMaterial: AluminumBulb: 3 LEDBattery: 4xAG3Lumens: 10 ImPacking: Black gift box with sponge


PatentedSliding Keylight with Carabiner Size: 78x17 mmMaterial: AluminumBulb: 1 LEDBattery: 4xLR44Sliding Keylight with Carabiner Size: 78x17 mmMaterial: AluminumBulb: 1 LEDBattery: 4xLR44Lumens: 30 ImPacking: Black gift box with sponge


COB Clip Light with magnetPatentedSize: 120x16 mmMaterial: AluminumBulb: COB Battery: 1XAAA Super heavy duty BatteryLumens: 35 ImPacking: Black gift box with sponge


Patented Size: 120X20MM Material: Aluminum Product colour: red, black, royal blue Bulb: COB Battery: 1XAAA Super heavy duty Battery Packing: Black gift box with sponge


Patented Size: mm Material: ABS Product colour: red, black, royal blue, orange,pink, pale blue, lime Bulb: LED Battery: 3XAAA Super heavy duty Battery Packing: Black gift box


Product colour: black, royal, red, green, orange laser engrave outside the barrel to light up logo or engrave inside the barrel Size: Dia 1.8 X 6.6 cm 4X LR44 batteries

Blaze Torch

Powerful push button LED (COB) handy torch with magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.COB (Chips On Board) technology produces extremely bright LED light with lower current draw than conventional lighting for longer battery life. Great for emergency use in houses, cars and outdoors. 3AAA batteries included The ideal product for vehicle sales, service and insurance, marine, tradespeople, utility suppliers and house and building contractors. Collection: Home & Auto Category: Torches Colours Available: White Materials: ABS Item Size: 160 x 17 x 27mm (LxHxD)

Thin LED Light Key Ring

Features: This is one fun promotional product. The Thin LED Light Key Ring is perfect for those emergency situations (aka when you lost your phone inside your bag or your car and can’t seem to locate it). It is designed as a key chain with a handy slim LED torch that is operated by an on/off button. It comes with button cell batteries.

Extendable Lantern torch

Features: Outdoor lovers and for those emergency situations – those are ideal receivers of this Extendable Lantern Torch. It features a bright white LED light and a hook for it to be easily hanged. It can be extended into a lantern by unscrewing its top part.

Torpedo LED Lantern torch With Strap

Features: Those looking for a do-everything torch light, this Torpedo LED Lantern got you covered. It is a 2-in-1 torch and lantern with 2 extra bright LED lights. It also comes with a strap and a switch to change its function from torch to lantern.

Aluminium Pocket Clip Flashlight

A high quality aluminium barrel is perfect for laser engraving a logo. Other features include a metal pocket clip, a super bright white LED flashlight and a rubber covered onoff button on the top. We recommend laser engraving. Printing will fade over time. Individually packaged in a white box.Please note that many battery powered products a plastic isolator is placed in front of the battery to prevent activation during shipment. This must be removed before the product will work properly.Size: 89mm long.Imprint Size:Screen Pad imprint: 38mm w x 8mm h.Colours Available:Blue, Red

Mini Swivel Head Flashlight

The Swivel Head Flashlight has an adjustablehead with a 180 degree flexible neck. Includesa clip and 2 AA batteries packaged separately.Individually packaged in a white box. Colours: Solid Red, Blue, Greenor Silver, Dimension: 114mm w x 31mm h

Magnifier With Light

Features: Read better with this handy magnifier which comes with a bright LED light.

Lantern Flashlight

Features: 2-in-1 LED light lantern and flashlight that can be attached to your belts and bags with the help of the hook.

Flashlight with Carabiner

Features: Flashlights should always be attached to your body while outdoors. This Flashlight comes wiith a Carabiner that allows for hanging into a bag or belt loop. It features extra bright while LED lights, magnet on its backside, and a slid switch to change from flashlight to flexi-ligh. Batteries are included.

Carabiner Magnet Light

Features: Carabiner with a white COB light torch with three settings - high, low and flashing and a magnet on the back.

Aluminum LED Flashlight Key Ring

Features: Made from aluminium, this flashlight key ring comes with five white LED lights and a chain key chain for easy attaching to a bag or belt. It is available in three colours.

Extendable Aluminum Flashlight With Magn

Features: Aluminum flashlight with 3 white LED lights, magnet at both ends and an extendable and curvable handle to reach hard to reach places.

6 LED Aluminum Clip Light

Features: Perfect for emergencies and easily attachable, those characteristics best describe this LED torch light. It comes in a body made from aluminium and has six white LED lights for low light situations. It also comes with a clip on top for easy attaching to bags or belts. The flashlight comes in four colours.

Mini LED Flashlight Key Ring

Features: Mini cylinder flashlight with extra bright white LED lights and key tag. Available in 5 colors.

Rubberized Torch Light With Strap

Features: Rubberized items are instantly equated to being an accessory for folks who love the outdoors. The fact is that a rubberized item can be used at any situation and any time. This torch light comes with nine bright white LED lights enclosed in a rubberised body for comfortable and easy grip. It is available in five lively colours.

Flexible USB Touch Control Light

Features: Bendable USB touch control light with extra bright white LED light that helps you work in convenient in the dark.

LED Glow Stick torch

Features: Multi-functional LED glow stick torch can be used as a torch, strobe light or lantern. torch And Strobe has a bright white light and lantern color is as per the trim colour.

Fire-Bright 2-in1 LED Flashlight

The Fire-Bright is an LED flashlight and lantern all in one. The lightweight aluminium body and compact design allows for easy transport and storage. It puts out 70 lumens as a flashlight, while the frosted lantern diffuses a soft light that is easy on the eyes. Unscrew the Fire-Bright lense cap with an effortless twist of the aluminium casing to convert the powerful flashlight in to a gleaming lantern. Purpose built for hiking, camping or as an emergency light. Colours: Red, Blue, Black, Dimension: 89mm long

Flexi Book Light

EXCLUSIVE DESIGNA book light featuring a bright LED light,flexible neck and a clip perfect for attaching tobooks or magazines. Individually packaged ina white box. Colours: Black with Silver Trim, Black with Blue Trim, Dimension: 254mm long