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Magnifier With Light

Features: Read better with this handy magnifier which comes with a bright LED light.

Lantern Flashlight

Features: 2-in-1 LED light lantern and flashlight that can be attached to your belts and bags with the help of the hook.

Flashlight with Carabiner

Features: Flashlights should always be attached to your body while outdoors. This Flashlight comes wiith a Carabiner that allows for hanging into a bag or belt loop. It features extra bright while LED lights, magnet on its backside, and a slid switch to change from flashlight to flexi-ligh. Batteries are included.

Carabiner Magnet Light

Features: Carabiner with a white COB light torch with three settings - high, low and flashing and a magnet on the back.

Aluminum LED Flashlight Key Ring

Features: Made from aluminium, this flashlight key ring comes with five white LED lights and a chain key chain for easy attaching to a bag or belt. It is available in three colours.

Extendable Aluminum Flashlight With Magn

Features: Aluminum flashlight with 3 white LED lights, magnet at both ends and an extendable and curvable handle to reach hard to reach places.

6 LED Aluminum Clip Light

Features: Perfect for emergencies and easily attachable, those characteristics best describe this LED torch light. It comes in a body made from aluminium and has six white LED lights for low light situations. It also comes with a clip on top for easy attaching to bags or belts. The flashlight comes in four colours.

Mini LED Flashlight Key Ring

Features: Mini cylinder flashlight with extra bright white LED lights and key tag. Available in 5 colors.

Rubberized Torch Light With Strap

Features: Rubberized items are instantly equated to being an accessory for folks who love the outdoors. The fact is that a rubberized item can be used at any situation and any time. This torch light comes with nine bright white LED lights enclosed in a rubberised body for comfortable and easy grip. It is available in five lively colours.

Flexible USB Touch Control Light

Features: Bendable USB touch control light with extra bright white LED light that helps you work in convenient in the dark.

Multi-Purpose Knife

Features: An out-of-this-world gift, this Multi-Purpose Knife makes a great gift for those in the culinary or restaurant industry. It comes with a knife, as well as scissors, nail file, toothpick and a pair of tweezers that covers a kitchen staff’s needs to keep himself clean before preparing anything for the guests.

8-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Tool Kit

Features: There is no such thing as being over prepared. That’s the principle behind this kit. It contains 4 flat-head, 4 Philips head bits and a magnetic port for accepting bits. It also comes with a removable pocket clip.

5-In-1 Multi-Function Tool

Features: In life, there’s always the need to expect the unexpected. This 5-in-1 multi-function tool comes with a slide button to turn On/Off its white LED light. It also includes a knife, bottle/can opener, matching carabiner and pen with rubber grip.

Pocket Screwdriver Kit

Features: The pocket screwdriver kit has 2 reversible flat head and phillips head bits with a magnetic port for accepting these bits.

Multi-Purpose Tool/Flashlight

Features: The multi-purpose tool/flashlight has 2 reversible flat head and phillips head bits and a magnetic port for accepting bits. It has extra bright white LED Light and push-button to turn On/Off.

Aluminum Multi-Tool Kit With LED Light

Features: Aluminum multi screwdriver kit with extra bright white LED light and a removable pocket clip. Comes with 3 flat head and 3 phillips head bits and magnetic port for accepting these bits.

Mini Screwdriver Kit

Features: The mini screwdriver kit has 2 flat head and 2 phillips head bits and has a magnetic port for accepting these bits.

Tool Pen With Screwdrivers And Light

Features: Tool pen with screwdrivers and light consists of 1 phillips head, 1 torx head and 1 flat head bit with magnetic port for accepting these bits. It has a rubber grip for writing with comfort and extra bright white LED light.

Rotating Barrel Screwdriver Set

Features: Prepared – a word that best describe this promotional product. It comes with 2 Philips head, 2 torx head, and 2 flat head bits. It also contains a magnetic fort for accepting the bits.

Rubber Tape Measure Key Ring With Lamina

Features: This 39" Retractable Steel Measuring Tape comes with a laminated label and a push button locking mechanism. It is encased in a rubber case that comes with a key ring.

Multi-Function Tape Measure

Features: All in one multi-function 10" retractable steel measuring tape with push button locking mechanism, a notepad, a pen and a belt clip.

Tape Measure

Features: This 10" retractable steel measuring tape comes with a push button locking mechanism and markings in metric/inch scale.

Square Level Tape Measure Key Ring

Features: Retractable tape measures need not be boring. This square-shaped tape measure is capable of measuing up to 3 inches and comes with a push button locking mechanism and a snake chain key ring.

LED Glow Stick torch

Features: Multi-functional LED glow stick torch can be used as a torch, strobe light or lantern. torch And Strobe has a bright white light and lantern color is as per the trim colour.

Flashlight Tool Kit with Level

Comes with 4 interchangeable screwdriver bits, a level and a LED flashlight. Individually packaged in a white box. Please note that many battery powered products a plastic isolator is placed in front of the battery to prevent activation during shipment. This must be removed before the product will work properly. Colours: Solid Silver with Black Trim, Dimension: 140mm long

Truck Tape Measure

A tape measure in the shape of a truckwith a metal tape measure and a keychain.Measures up to 1 metre. Metric and imperialmeasurements. One side print option only. Colours: White, Dimension: 57mm w x 40mm h

House Tape Measure

A tape measure in the shape of a house witha chimney has a metal tape measure and akeychain. Measures up to 1 metre. Metric andimperial measurements.One side print option only. Colours: White, Dimension: 48mm w x 53mm h

Tape Measure with Level Key Chain

A tape measure with a level, metal tape, square shape and a keychain. Measures up to 1 metre. Metric and imperial measurements. Colours: Translucent Blue or Solid White, Dimension: 43mm w x 43mm h

Fire-Bright 2-in1 LED Flashlight

The Fire-Bright is an LED flashlight and lantern all in one. The lightweight aluminium body and compact design allows for easy transport and storage. It puts out 70 lumens as a flashlight, while the frosted lantern diffuses a soft light that is easy on the eyes. Unscrew the Fire-Bright lense cap with an effortless twist of the aluminium casing to convert the powerful flashlight in to a gleaming lantern. Purpose built for hiking, camping or as an emergency light. Colours: Red, Blue, Black, Dimension: 89mm long

Flexi Book Light

EXCLUSIVE DESIGNA book light featuring a bright LED light,flexible neck and a clip perfect for attaching tobooks or magazines. Individually packaged ina white box. Colours: Black with Silver Trim, Black with Blue Trim, Dimension: 254mm long