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Bradford Aluminium Bottle Opener Keyring

Aluminium Bottle Opener Keyring.

Bristol Metal Keyring

Metal keyring

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Newwark Metal Keyring

Metal keyring with spining plate

Preston Metal Keyring

metal keyring

Brighton Metal Keyring Bottle Opener

Heavy Metal Bottle Opener keyring

Ramsgate Metal Keyring

Star Shaped metal keyring

Ipswich Metal Keyring

Metal keyring with Spinning centre

Cambridge Metal Keyring

Cambridge Metal Keyring

Steering Wheel Metal Keyring

Steering wheel keyring - metal

Oval Metal Keyring

Oval keyring

Caabiner Keyring

carabiner. Woven nylon strap. Metal split key ring. Laser engraving recommended. Not intended for climbing

Rectangle Durasoft Keytag

rectangle durasoft keytag, custom made,

Floating Keyring

Floating Keyings made from soft eva foam

Builders Tape Measure

Builders tape measure 8m, steel tape with tape stop slider and finger stop button

Keyring Tape Measure With Pen

Keyring Tape Measure with Pen

Mini Square Keyring Tape Measure 1M

small tape measure keyring, 1m tape legnth

Battery Powered Keyring Torch

Battery Powered Keyring Torch with led

Plastic Keyring Torch

Plastic Keyring Torch

Battery Powered Keyring Torch

Battery Powered Keyring Torch.

Carabiner Torch

Carabiner torch

Mini Torch Keyring,

Small and lightweight makes this the perfect keyring torch

Led Egg Torch

Small Egg style Led keyring