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AUTO02 Neoprene Seat Belt Cover

Features: Made of soft and comfortable Neoprine material that protects shoulders very wellPrevents rubbing, discomfort and irritation from the seat beltScreen print or sublimation print available upon request

AUTO08 Car Sign

Features: Customized Suction Cup Car Signs; suitable for all makes and models of vehiclesBright, Clearly-printed and stays intact; comes with durable PVC suction cupsManufactured with the highest quality of material

AUTO05 Car Air Freshener

Features: Custom die cut air freshners for car, boat etc. Individually wrapped, call for pricing. Smells: Jasmine, Rose, Ocean, Banana, Lemon, vanilla.

TFSE02 Car Flags

Features: Quality and durable Clip on Car Flags made from polyester fabricsPrinted digitally for durable quality of printed text and designsGreat for gifts, commercial or personal use

AUTO03 Foldable Car Sun Visor

Features: Trendy and Foldable car sun visor suitable for any car modelMade from durable polyester material; keeps your car interior coolerOther extra color combinations available upon request

AUTO06 Foldable Car Sun Visor

Features: Foil style car sunshade, folds onto itself with elastic strap for convenienceMade of high-quality polyester that is built to lastMaintains car interior cool temperature when parked on a hot area

AUTO01 Le Mans Foldable Car Sun Visor

AUTO01 Le Mans Foldable Car Sun Visor

AUTO21 Side Window Car Sunshade

Features: Car window side shade with PVC suction cups to keep it in placeLightweight, foldable and easy to carry; 100% brand new and made of high quality materialProtects car passengers from harmful sunlight

AUTO15 Car Chamois

Features: Car Chamois in plastic container

AUTO14 Road Safety Vests

Features: Road Safety Vests, Available In Orange And Yellow for Visibility during Road WorksHas reflective print on body to serve as an early warning sign for passers-byBrightly colored and made from durable material;

VISA01 Sun Visor Clip

Features: Stylish Sun Visor Clip which holds your sunglasses in place and within reachProtects your sunglasses away from being scratchedEasy to use, sturdy, clips well and does not block your vision while driving

MEKR01 Bottle Opener Keyring

Features: Metal Bottle opener Keyring smooth flat top for larger branding area

MEKR02 Bottle Opener Keyring

Features: Curved bottle opener keyring In light weight aluminium

MEKR03 Bradford Aluminium Bottle Opener

MEKR03 Bradford Aluminium Bottle Opener Keyring

MEKR04 Multi Tool Metal Keyring 11 Funct

Features: Always be prepared for any emergency or event with multi tool metal keyring. This 11 function survival tool is designed with ultimate functionality in a pocket-friendly style, great for personal use or a way to reward your customers.

MEKR05 Bristol Metal Keyring

Features: Premium style metal keyring with heavy grade split ring

MEKR06 Liverpool Metal Keyring

Features: Metal keyring with larger print area, beautifully finished with split ring

MEKR07 Manchester Metal Keyring

Features: Metal keyring with larger print area, beautifully finished with split ring

MEKR09 Newwark Metal Keyring

Features: This metal keyring with spinning plate features a different and distinctive design. Boasting its polished and silver-coloured frame

MEKR10 Preston Metal Keyring

Features: Teardrop style premium keyring with split ring

MEKR11 Newcastle Metal Keyring

Features: Premium Metal Keyring with split ring

MEKR12 Brighton Metal Keyring Bottle Ope

Features: Heavy Duty bottle opener, with ring tab pull

MEKR13 Hastings Metal Keyring

Features: Luggage style keyring with braided wire

MEKR18 Ramsgate Metal Keyring

Features: Premium style metal keyring with heavy grade split ring

MEKR19 Ipswich Metal Keyring

Features: Metal Keyring with centre swivel spinner

MEKR20 Cambridge Metal Keyring

Features: Cambridge Metal Keyring helps you feature your company message and brand. Promising two separate key rings and a silicone strap, this silver-black product is a powerful yet affordable way to win more clients or customers.

MEKR21 Stanford Metal Keyring With Bottl

Features: Bottle opener keyring with round branding area suitable for epoxy dome

MEKR22 Steering Wheel Metal Keyring

Features: Impress your clients with this cool steering wheel metal keyring whether you have a small business or a large company. For those who are launching events in the automotive industry, this promotional item can be your best bet.

NOKR08 Carabiner Keyring

Features: carabiner. Woven nylon strap. Metal split key ring. Laser engraving recommended. Not intended for climbing

PVC01 Rectangle Durasoft Keytag

Features: Rectangle durasoft keytag will hang around for a long time due to its flexible and durable rectangular design. This rectangle durasoft keytag is customizable, making it a popular and affordable marketing piece.